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Over the past decade the awareness of the escalation of the burden placed on our society by mental health issues has been increasingly elevated. This is in part due to the work of social education and awareness, but unfortunately it is also due to increased violent events which have forever restructured our social interactions. It has become clear it is essential to not only protect and promote mental well-being for everyone, but to also address critical needs of citizens with mental disorders to encourage and support prevention, treatment, and maintenance of good mental health. Many explanations and suggestions have been offered to answer the questions of why this increase is occurring, and how do we stop the pervasive increase in all behavioral health issues. However, the answers to these questions are often becoming complex and involve multiple social, psychological, and biological factors acting many times in conjunction with each other. This level of complex causality points to solutions requiring multiple and varying layers of treatment modalities, which will more easily be developed through broad community efforts and collaborations. The CDC has published their recommendation on establishing a comprehensive and holistic approach to behavioral health care, which identifies the need for multiple community entities to partner, and through collaborative efforts, address the behavioral health needs in their communities.

The CDC report targets multiple areas to help further the effort to decrease the suicide rate and foster community wide collaboration to achieve comprehensive mental health care. Healthy Minds has been developed over the last few years to impact these exact target areas and act as a facilitator within our community to establish a foundation of comprehensive behavioral healthcare. Healthy Minds continues to interact with multiple core community entities to assist in the identification of gaps in services and/or barriers to behavioral healthcare. Healthy Minds also works to facilitate the collaboration between these entities to establish and strengthen relationships and partnerships for the purpose of creating comprehensive behavioral health services for all Midland County residents. This approach results in unique, community-specific solutions to help establish and sustain a healthy and productive environment for all.

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Organizations Provide Mental Health Resources for Those Coping with Mass Shooting

Published: 6:53 PM CDT September 10, 2019

Multiple organizations in Midland and Odessa are providing free mental health services in the wake of the mass shooting.

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Mental Health Component Added to Casa de Amigos’ Summer Camp

Published: 10:38 AM CDT July 17, 2019

Doctors and medical students with TTUPB worked with the children on identifying and regulating their emotions.

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Healthy Minds Spanish Website, Videos Launch

Published: June 10, 2019

Healthy Minds is launching a new website, along with new mental health awareness videos in Spanish

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PermiaCare Dedicates Building to Bill Morrow

Published: 8:37 PM CDT March 29, 2019

In honor of Mr. William “Bill” Morrow, PermiaCare hosted a building dedication ceremony today.

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Midland Behavioral Leadership Team Launches 'Okay to Say' Campaign

Published: 8:35 AM CDT September 26, 2018

Okay to Say was launched by the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute and partners to increase awareness that most mental illnesses are treatable and to offer messages of hope and recovery to Texans and their families. The goal of Okay to Say is to change the conversation and perceptions around mental illness.

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It’s ‘Okay to Say’ Help is Needed for Mental-Health Issue

Published 5:00 pm CDT Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Whether we take the time to acknowledge it or not, mental health is an essential component to everyone’s overall health and well-being. For those who suffer with a mental illness or have a loved one who suffers with mental illness, it is important to know these illnesses are largely treatable. That is the main message for May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month.

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Midland Could be Hub for Child Psychiatry

Published 10:19 AM CDT Monday, May 21, 2018

According to a contract received by the Reporter-Telegram, the MDC and TTUHSC are looking to create an outpatient child and adolescent psychiatric fellowship program to serve the mental health needs of children and families in West Texas and to train future psychiatrists in hopes that they settle in the region.

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